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The International School of Journalism launched in 2023 in cooperation with media holding «TV and Radio Complex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan». Currently the school has two educational programs: International Journalism and Investigative Journalism.

Students enrolled in the International School of Journalism have priority access to Media Hub and Media Laboratory, which was recently remodeled with multiple LCD displays, brand-new computers and ergonomic workstations. The space is equipped with a host of new information technology resources: multimedia hardware and software applications, data visualization applications, audio-visual editing and production systems, as well as content management and web-publishing tools. MNU newly updated Library offers a wide range of software editing programs, video equipment and a fully staffed tech help desk.

Additionally, the location of the International School of Journalism is upgraded to include the Equipment room, Media Editing Lab, open-space News Studio and Podcast Area. The media produced by the students of the School is broadcasted on a LED Screen.

Faculty members of the school are professionals with foreign academic background and experience in media industry. Thus, the graduates of Columbia University, New York Film Academy, Michigan State University, Bilkent University, New York University, University of Leeds, University of Glasgow are teaching to students of International School of Joutnalism.

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